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A useful set of collection types for .NET. Things you wish you had, but didn't until now!

Notable Types Include:

  • PairDictionary : Associate unique pairs of items with the PairDictionary! You may then get the associated key or value with standard indexer syntax.
  • MultiDictionary : Like a normal Dictionary, but uses two key values instead of one. You could think of it like a dictionary with a Natural Key
  • DefaultDictionary : Provides a default value for missing keys, or generates one from a user defined function.
  • ExternalReadonlyList : Makes it easy to expose a list as readonly outside of its containing class.
  • Also... There are also a bunch of helper functions for list differencing, aggregation operations, etc.

Update :: 7/9/2013
Many types have been updated, and new functionality has been added. Some new bug fixes and test cases as well.

Update :: 2/1/2013
At this time, functionality is being added on an as needed bases. Most of the included classes + helper functions are missing lots of features. There is no official project documentation, but the included unit tests should be helpful in determining what does and doesn't work.
I think it is also worth mentioning that naming conventions haven't been solidified yet, so expect breaking changes in that regard in future editions of the code. Please feel free to suggest new / better names and conventions.

Bugs and new feature suggestions will be ignored without accompanying unit tests.

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